Tapping the vein


Business of false doctrine Nothing is impossible Wonders of technology We got plastic surgery Organ trading is of use Unavoidable the abuse Need some lungs and need some hearts Searching for new body parts Body parts Bodies damaged after a crash Transplanting skin to your flesh That's no minor injury This is plastic surgery Rich and infamous bastard You got a chance to survive Replacing your diseased parts Recover and stay alive Life is what you wanna buy Unknown victims have to die New organs is what you need Nothing justified the deed Business of false doctrine Everything is possible Wonders of technology Cause we got plastice surgery


They curse the day When I was born Mentally deranged Fits of raving madness Immolate beyond the grave Celebrate and enjoy The thrusts with my knife The way you feel Is the way you will die You think you're dead But you're just skinned alive I hear you cry But slow and sure Your skin will be my toy Death becomes Second nature to me My hearts expands with joy Liquidation and supreme sacrifice Deeply afflicted faces Appetizing body odor Anguish but rest in pieces


At the back of beyond Where time stands still In a paradise of love and hate Like packs of hounds Invading the land Girls sell their bodies Like hot cakes Unscrupolous deals with human flesh to live the life of rilley Behaving like bulls In a china chop Pots of money but nothing to pay One step over the line Diseased by genital desire One step over the line Out of the frying pan And into the fire Perverse bents Clever camouflage Holidays of infanticide Mistress of lust Sold down the river Exploited and eaten alive Once bitten, twice shy She takes you for a ride The money she needs to survive Death defying Sexual act Welcome to the club where you die


Euthanasia or amnesty Takes you off the ground Embrace your hopes And pray to them When you smile turns upside down Silent noise in sleepless nights Freeze your mind and blood Think about your morbid life is there any god No postponement Death by the law At zero hour Stops your beating heart Your days are numbered Your fate is sealed When the bell rings twelve o'clock Waiting for the message No governor's reprieve These guys just doing their job You have to live on charity Not die a natural death That brings your life to a close Of your own wrongful act Come on man It's time to go Deliverance not so far Tv covered Millions wait Tonight you are the star


Exploitation of young Consumer groups Inspired to say yes Debasement by your mad persuasion Destroyed while you progress Bullet in the head Kick the bucket Are you prepared There is a bullet in your head To stop the way You earn your breed Cold blooded and mendacious Selling of illusions Ferocious without remorse You give 'em a trip Like there is no tomorrow Don't care what H. will cause Suffer the children Coming to me Enjoy the habbit The first is free The best you can get Between heaven and earth Nothing ventured Nothing gained


Don't believe in rights There is no such thing Tearing up the garbage With pain and suffering Breaking rules is your desire You got no sympathy I'll put you in a wheelchair That's your penalty Nothing is secure Nowhere is safe Once you cross the line I will break your spine The crippler Broadcast violence The crippler Prime time gladiator The crippler Bloodsport champion The crippler He will take you down Shattering your kneecaps The crowd begins to roar They want more violence This is a bloody war Mutilated bodies Crying out in vain I will get the trophies They will not regain Once you cross the line I will break your spine Adrenalin in pumping Better you than me I'm gonna make you bleed I like brutality The crippler... ...kicks to the genitals ...bigboot in your face ...pulling off your fingernails ...there is no better place


Morgens um acht Mitten in der Nacht Es klingelt an der Tür Noch halb im Koma Das glaubt mir keiner Da will jemand was von mir Ich mach mal offen Was seh ich denn da 'ne Braut - nee sogar zwei Sie wolln die frohe Botschaft verkünden Mit einer Mark bin ich dabei Der Wachturm ist die Offenbarung Für all die Gotteskinder Packt ihn weg, es hat keine Zweck Meine Pornos sind mit lieber Ich lass sie in die Wohnung Wollt ihr was trinken 'N Kaffee oder Bier Nein Danke, wir wolln dich nur bekehren Nur deshalb sind wir hier Wir haben gehört Du bist ein gottloser Mensch Jehova wird dir verzeihn Es ist sein Wille und sein Wille geschehe Wir waschen deine Seele rein Was fürn Quatsch Leck mich am Arsch Feuer und Schwefel Armageddon ist nah Sie sagen: du bist dem satan vefallen Und bald kommt das Ende der Welt Wir können dir helfen Komm mit uns und opfere dein Geld Hört mal Mädels Ich schlag euch was vor Denn der Quatsch geht mir auf die Eier Wir trinkn erstmal einen Ihr zieht euch aus Und wir machen 'nen flotten Dreier Komm wir F....n Komm wir F....n


Armed and ready I sit in a room Vanishing power A sting in my arm Blood pours on the floor Final hour The one that got me out of the grave Always there Don't know what he's aiming at Do not dare Never regain Tapping the vein Darkness all around me now I can't see A door that's never really open Not for me The shock of recognition now I will die Mind distortion weird thoughts Tell my why I'm goin' insane Tapping the vein Still got my gun my only friend Through it all Can't pull the trigger no final shot Can't you hear my call Venomous poison lethal liquid Pumpin' through my veins Physical destruction Psychic interruption Dying brain


The end of armistice And universal peace No suspension Of Hostilities Prophecy of bad news This is no fun Come into your own And take off your gun The enemy behind Like an awful drag You'd better have eyes In the back of your head Move into position Put up a good fight Don't forget the sleeping pills A kind of suicide Forget the rules Forget the odds Protect your own War is guts Back to war You will be wrapped up In your assidious work offer your service To clean up the world The hostile scum If looks could kill Contact with the enemy That you will feel Centered on you Touch and go Put up with the pain Await the blow Fix 'em for what They've done to you Don't fall into line Don't care what you do War of independence Don't beat a retreat Combative in The seasoned league You are sure Of your success Never shut the eyes To the horrible facts Revolution and cowardice To get the might Never let 'em Out of your sight When you fall on the field They 'll bring you home To the peaceful place Where you were born


I was granted no quarter Cause you forget the rules The words I said are Sure to come true Your empty promises Treacherous and blind Your deceitful lies call The war back to my mind I learned a way to survive The enemy to neutralize They got no reason Hunting season I want to set the world on fire Like a savage beast - a final desire I burn my boats surrounded my danger A soldier in hiding kicked out like a Stranger I avail every chance It's a pleasure for me To slay one by one To fight for liberty Once a lieutenant in higher service Now I'm nothing A man without mercy


Life on earth for you to know In peace you live in peace you will go behind the scenes of salvation Nobody knows lust and temptation The mass begins the spirit appears The man in black nothing he fears A fatal disguise is what you call holy Where is god? I want you to show me In the name of the father the son The holy spirit the show has begun Thy kingdom come thy will be done Hallowed be thy name Reincarnation False celebration Reincarnation Mental subordination Go down on your knees And pray for peace Join the club of total devotion Religious faith and social failure Once you've been trapped Death is your saviour

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