Persecution Mania


Run up the spiral staircase to annihilation Deserted neglected in the dark Devitalized souls cripple the planet in greed Proceed until we are absorbed in blood Causing the premature burial of nature With the spark to a powder keg Pinning up their toys on the shoulders of the nature Turning death into universal heir Make us die slowly Nuclear Winter Clouds of dust will hide the sun forever Celebrate Nuclear Winter Blows straight into your heart Nuclear Winter Day of tomorrow we'll go through Make your testament Nuclear Winter Luminaries become tall structures Atmospheric cataclysm is the result Epileptic doom of lacerated cannibals Wrapped up the earth in shroud Eternal darkness artifactual brightness Exclusive possession of death Defaced skulls act of radiation Mutilated past recognition Slow death is what we can expect Strike will have just this one effect Condemned to capital punishment By the nuclear sword of Damokles Disappeared without leaving a trace Man's dignity and grace Infected by an intruder organism Changed into weak willed subjects Ineradicable misanthropy We stick to nothing Instinct of self preservation Spreading venereal disease Gods of war and vengeance Commander with good conscience Use our soul for research In favor of nuclear technology Arrived at the end of the spiral staircase At the doorstep to immortality Not reached the destination of our dreams Sun will never give us essential safety Decided in the struggle for existence Life has lost, death has won the game The length of our longing Shall be the strength of our glory Damokles proud and mighty among men


Authorized to kill, fuming with rage Urged by sexual instinct Absurded massacre, casualties No chance to get away Bloodthirstiness, dismemberment Pathological satisfaction Stimulated thoughts, increased wantonness Until redeemed climax Time will come to balance the account Send you legally to hell Electric chair is reserved sure enough Your death struggle rings the bell Brutal rapes, child mistreated Unscrupulous crimes Greed of flesh, naked skin There is no relent Wince bodies, torn genitals Stamped by sadism Chaste newborns, attractive females Indescribable ecstasies Intimate kisses, secret wishes With corporal beings Ardent love, shameless intercourse Just make sure it moves Unmerciful disfigurement, a fleshy joy Heart warming death Coursing of souls, suck up the blood Totally insane Authorized to kill, fuming with rage Urged by sexual instinct Absurded massacre, casualties No chance to get away Bloodthirstiness, dismemberment Pathological satisfaction


Dark night nothing to see Invisible hand in front of me Scared to move there's something near Scared to move but you can't stay here You know me, evil eye You know me, prepare to die You know me, the snakebite kiss Devil's grip the Iron Fist Flying horse don't make a sound Flying hooves don't touch the ground Walk in circles lose your track Can't go on but you can't go back Moon eclipse and you know why Ghost rider in the sky Beast of evil devil's hound Tooth and claw they pull you down


Command to vietnam Back into jungles depths Armed to the teeth Cold blooded experienced Mercenary payed to slaughter Sector madness kill and destroy Missing captives locked up In contaminated camps Only war of liberation Let 'em gather fresh hope Hostile crossfire finished 8 lives Bowels bury me alive Green hell swallows a silhouette I could get away Persecution Mania, drivin' me mad Persecution Mania, tremendous dreams Persecution Mania, gettin' mentally ill Persecution Mania, alarmed about my life There are traps behind every line The combat zone in trench and fire I know the danger every step The nerve gas falls in black and white But slowly I near my destination Lost is our war to do justice The brothers of people shot and died Persecution Mania takes away my life Something fierce Something evil Circles in the air


From the dawn of time we came To find the place of promise Moving silently down Through war disabled centuries Living many secret lives Unrecognized by human eyes Struggling to reach the aim To dwell in perpetuality We are the messengers Of inmost thought Our words of confession Fall away to nought Domination of the universe Contains our vital interests Swift coursing blood of our veins Cured the grieving pains When the few who remain Will battle to the last For enchanted land Take charge of reign Leave behind the past Early history in our hand Living in the land of promise Beyond, the other world Our mission is done Fear neither men nor fates Pray for descease But escape your soul Duration of 100 lives Get the worlds undoing Cause no one ever knows We are among you




We praise the saviour Observe the ten commandments Confess our sins For time immorial Man's mind gets inspired By gifts and faculty divine Blind superstition Religious liberty Mitigate our sorrows Living in a world of dreams Don't fear the true Image of a god Infant Jesus was crucified A memorial for our future Our atrocity is now forgiven Cause he has done his penance Hear me people of sighing Sorrows of pain and regret Left to the dead and dying You, that not know me as yet Christ Passion Medieval extravagance of christianity Foundation in all cultmysteries Holy customs and wholesale hysteria Creeds to transcendental Deification of human nature Devour them up in blindness They are fool adore in all clergy And mindful in the grace of god Christ Passion Mortal way of life Rapture of the earth Lift up your heads In the day of his wrath In the worst hour of life Looking into the eyes of death Extreme unction nears Intensive incense is befooled He gives you unimaginable joys Certainty and faith To find unutterable peace Demand no sacrifice Christ Passion Expect no wonders celestial child He will behold your repentance His prophet revealed it to the wise The great mystery of god Persecution of christians in blasphemy Born by the scum of evil Almighty father knows no thirst for revenge Praise the savior on all saints day Christ Passion


An almost dark vault There meet the maniacs Burning flickering candles Smell of blood and death Please the favor of the black Earthy joys at midnight In the horror creep and crawl No one knows what's right or wrong Terror comes as an invasion And the pain pulls you down Conjuration The ceremony can begin Last supper to the evil Crowned with thorns black rose Crucified to the rites of fall Tarred and feathered Black holy relics offered The ram in priestly form Says the mass in black and blood Blasphemy of the sacrament To the glory of the dark Virgin dance and chanting Wear the burning mark The rising of the corpse begins Through prayer oath and howl They rip to pieces what doesn't fly They strike with naked fist


As we heard the threatening sirens Warned against the bombing raid We cowered in a shelter They left us to our fate Bombenhagel - Bombenhagel Bombenhagel - Bombenhagel Stukas dived to bring us mortal dread Bombs fell down as rain Explosions shook the ground Debris is buried the dead again Bombenhagel - Bombenhagel Bombenhagel - Bombenhagel Waiting for painful decision Senseless action of germans on and on Only suicides delivered us from suffering What does the future have in store Bombenhagel - Bombenhagel Bombenhagel - Bombenhagel

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