In the sign of evil


It's time to die Death stands behind the door Satan sends his warriors Demons break out of Hell Shrill cries Angel dies Shrill cries Outbreak of evil With swords and axes The fight hard In a massacre they feel the hot smart None can survive People will destroy Souls like hell Where demons make a toy


Dark deathknell call you to the throat of the glowing hell lights of exist become extinet and you read the epitaph of your grave You are the chosen messenger of hell Come execute your instruction with spell You got magic power to all in league with Satan for holy ghosts fall Love to drink the blood of the slut adore the bestial rite eat the virgins heart warm and sweet destroy the unborn holy meat The Sepulchural Voice mysterious groans torment your mind the shadow of evil make you blind a funeral song out of the burial place damned you to hell from the human race


Black metal is the game I play 'cause no one show me the right way I am a bloody Antichrist, only believe in bad Spit at the church, Evil I get Blasphemer. . . . Rites of death, Return to Hell I am Satan's child, attack you with Spell I turn the cross upside down and read Satanic Bible with fucking grown my life begins at midnight twelve masturbate to kill myself Blasphemer. . . . I love to drink my own blood my sin is my life in a war with god I talk to the demons night tonight make love and black masses in a dark shadow light Blasphemer. . . .


Witch, Bitch, no sleep in Sodom God, Shock, last night for Satan Spell, Hell, this fight is blind Metal war Sodom Wildfire Sodom Bloodlust Sodom Witching metal Cries, Crime, Cross over Sodom Fight, Might, Dust to Dust Sinner, Winner, the fight is Blind War, Law, Slave of Sodom Lust, Gods, Unholy Times Night, Light, this fight is might Sodom! Wildfire Sodom! We are Sodom


War! Nuclear warheads are ready to fight Total destruction the only might We are all suicide, without brain People are running and dying in pain Burst command til war! The overkill is near Nobody feel the heavy fear Thousand megatons dynamite Wait to kill one life Burst command til war! We live our life in grieved desire Our hopeless is getting higher You cry for freedom, but nobody hear you The end of the world is true Burst command til war! War, war, war Burst command til war Burst command til war War!

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