Expurse of sodomy


Behind the scene of destiny I adore you in this song for me Call me within your holy house to dwell Let me raise for myself in spell Voluptuously dancing daughters of the night sky Sing the rapturous love song with high Let your sweet scented juice run Waste away under the lashes of my whip Bath in sin / Sadistic Souls Break their crust / Sodomy and Lust Carnal desire runs through my veins Whipping boys and scapegoats cry in pain Psychopathic terror during their sleep My power ask why, my power is weak Spineless bundles of my excess Expurse of innocence and helplessness In the perfumes of my secret orison Fresh blood of children drops down on me Bath in sin / Sadistic Souls Break their crust / Sodomy and Lust Madness, crime, disgrace, ptomaine Excrements, contempt, violence, kill Ordeals of thousand deeds congealed in gloom Strike hard and deep, to hell with 'em master Mighty prophets stature shall surpass the stars The passion is the smell of cremation I spit on your crapulous creed, curse 'em! Sucking you giveth delight and bright glory Strive ever to be more joyous to the death Don't fear any god will deny you for this Bath in sin / Sadistic Souls Break their crust / Sodomy and Lust


Company of heaven has sent us a chosen apostle To the treasure of the damned Blessing no longer be poured the mystical lord Covered with rich headdress He will proceed on his way over the line Furious as tiger Once the tower rocked and cracked beneath its lash Caught in inextinguishable fire Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror The lord of host gave me ear to his song Intolerable blackness helms him Only the lightning from his hand that sits When usurping tyrants fall An unsullied maid baffles his seductions and his ire Pines in the prison Compassion is the vice of kings Stamp down the wretched weak Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror You are not the slaves that perish Pity 'em not Tear down that lying spectre of centuries Vices and virtuous words We'll hide on a smash of sorrow You shall fear Let your rites be performed With joy and beauty Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror Conqueror


We worship our abnegation of desolation With fire, blood, swords and reverence See that hour blessed splendour in my name War engines and battles of conquest are atheists Glory in the highest heaven Hear. . . my atonement We will return to victorious city For a proof to the world Support us, be ready to fly or to smite Gimme the sign of silence after the adoration Verily you shall not die but live in console Caressed by magnificent beasts of women Unasuaged of purpose, delivered from lust Not hell's heart hath so noxious a shade Hear. . . my atonement Behold the flame burning in every heart of man Therefore is the knowledge a core of every star As brothers fight keen proud and royal Law is the word of god enthroned as precious water His enemies tribulated of ordeals, are mere liars Despise also all cowards who dare not fight Exhausted is help and hope of wisdom There is no law. . . do what you will!!!

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