Better off dead


Listen up god, if you really exist For many years I've been asking you why Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is justice? Where is punishment Something big is brewing You can see it in my eyes They burn with a beastly hatred That will be realized Why are the innocent dead Come on god, answer me Why are the guilty alive Don't want to be deceived They think they are above the law They are trying to break my spine Where is justice, where is punishment Where is the human line An eye for an eye Inveterate despite An eye for an eye A one man war on crime As I began to talk to god I've even lost my mind I only want to know one thing What I've done, was it wrong or right? A loving husband, devoted father 'Til the day the mob opened fire Retaliation and vindictiveness His only mission and ardent desire


The cover of darkness no longer conceals An approaching enemy There are many ways to kick some ass With updated technology You will always get on your knees In the war you gonna fight Prevent agreements between nations No democracy but more genocide Keep your eyes open you're under control There is something that's over the top Penetration and power sends bullets of lead Inside your body to do the job Shellfire defense Pray to god that he will take you in his hands Shellfire defense You wish to take the final shot That makes your nightmare end Eliminate the threat and minimize the risk Supremacy against the attacker New weapons in front of fighting troops They get no chance for shooting back Who gave you the criminal passions Inclinations to kill Retribution demands victims No matter what you feel Long vanished is the age of blows with a club Wholesale murder guarantee Soldiers within the meaning of law Decimate the dregs of society Where's man's dignity and human nature Disarmament and combination Fit in with the need of the present Peace not revelation


Slazing scents taint with blood Signed his path of death Trace him to the place of fright Searching for his daily bread When midnight comes around Be warned 'cause he is out of sight What carnal secrets does he hide His ruthless rage will come Buried deep inside his mind The rites of the law began The saw is the law Executed children Laughing mothers by their side Feel the pain of ripping flesh Those who've died Have paid the price And drawn their final breath What carnal secrets does he hide what worries of the flesh have come With tears in his eyes And a gun in his hand So ends the story of the chainsawman


I can really safely say That you're still alive One thing they can't take away Is your will to survive I know I won't believe it I know I won't believe it They say you can't be found This man is better off dead They want to turn your head around Turn your head around Turn your head around Turn your head around How can they leave you lying there Hiding from the lights They don't know and they couldn't care They'll be dead by tonight Someone's made a big mistake I can't believe my ears Just how long will this thing take Give him days, months and years


The took the oath of allegiance Responsible and proud Sold their soul for native love In war to stand their ground Don't bury the hatchet Get on with your fight Snipe down the enemies Pull 'em out of action Don't look back The promised words we will never forget Capture the flag Departure to conquest the Hamburger Hill At the risk of our life Embittered resistance, deadly traps Rapid fire - got no chance to dive Hollow bangs and cries of pain That filled the air with blood Feeling in the minefields begin Encircled by the flank attacks A game like Russian roulette Who will survive? The mine barrier in front of us Overpowered in running fight Amour piercing bullets Slaughtered one by one Two find a way to hide The tables are turned By hopeless defeats Got the power got the might Now twenty years later Sitting by the beer Remembrance comes awake Talk about friends That never came back Fallen by the war's disgrace


I put my money in the suitcase And headed for the big race I felt a chill on my backbone As I hung up the telephone Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat Running down the back of my neck To lose means trouble, to win pays double And I got me a heavy bet Cold, cold sweat They say chances on the outside Are looking very slim I've been so lucky on the inside I feel I'm going to win Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat Running down the back of my neck Take a little money, there's nothing left to lose And I got me a heavy bet Cold, cold sweat I've got me a whole month's wages I haven't seen that much in ages I might spend it in stages And move out to Las Vegas Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat Running down the back of my neck To lose means trouble, to win means double And I got me a heavy bet Cold, cold sweat I put my money in the suitcase They say chances on the outside I got a whole months wages Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat Stone cold crazy Place another bet


Far away from native lands Operation "Desert Shield" Prevent a war of conquest Military blockades Securing the peace Fighting the aggressor's rest Beware of this place The anger is growing again Your buds lying there The symptoms are always the same Concentrations of armies No diplomatic conversions Belligerents and lack of self control Intervention by embargos There is a crisis brewing Wanna get the treasures of the soil Bloodtrails - Effervesced 'til world war III Bloodtrails - Suicide to kill the enemy Bloodtrails - No reasons and no common sense Bloodtrails - Call you to your end We got orders and inner instructions By bad education Corrupt might took possession of our souls From land to land To form new generations Where shadows join hand With their own living dead rules


Secluded by generalities No eyes saw 'em before Exiled and damned from birth 'til death Rejected by their parents Locked up as beasts No clergy brought their souls to bless Never ending pain In the hour of their death Driven to their tomb By never healing wounds Nobody perceived the cries No famine got appeased In hospitals of infanticide Killers camouflaged As harmless pediatrics Children found no place to hide With excrement soiled bodies Starved by malnutrition Whooping cough and AIDS disease Now the regime is overthrown Memorials are raised But hopes to survive will freeze


Born to die in a game Where there is no return Try to find a pleasant means of death All your life paying for The lessons you have learned Tortured by the world 'til you Draw your final breath Terror, Hate Murder, Rape Through your life trying hard To find out what it means Those who know all have lost their minds Through their eyes we can see That nothing's too obscene Empty shells, nothing there Just bodies left behind Terror, Hate Murder, Rape In this nightmare lifetime You're better off dead Pain and warfare, sex crime You're better off dead Broken dreams devastated By your will to live Ruined by malignance and decay We're betrayed until There is nothing more to give Praying for a final peace To be there in out graves


Your soul disappears in eyes of blue With dignity and lonely lust The moon is shining bright to you Angels adore your mortal dust Welcome to the paradise Great master's hands will rise To bring you to the holy place Eternal life for a human race Resurrection Flesh to your bones Everlasting fortune You are born Resurrection With flowers of gold Give credence to heaven Believe in god You spirit was willing but your flesh was weak Don't wanna leave the world of lies They're standing around when you got to sleep And give you no chance to say good bye Now you go through a time of revival Wisdom from above A kingdom where you find your idol Worship, liberty, and love


Source and seed of misanthropy In the age of inquisition Where kings and queens got the power To lay down immoral religions Pursuit of innocent flesh Shedding of their blood Plundering and robbing A thousand natural lives Hypnotized by the smell of death Stiff walking to the stake Amusements, tar and feathers You are gonna lose your faith Delivered from the hell's great fear Spirits lost in gloom Seek them in their dread abode Tarred and feathered Beautiful red haired ladies They got put in the pillory Skinned alive or stoned to death Broken on the wheel Sanguinary with arms across The king watched the scenery Exorcised and quartered In the shambles of sin


Declaration of war by a madman Offensive in blizzards and fog Opening of the conflagration Thrust to the hostile front Snowed up Russian winter There's nothing shining bright Resistance in december Against the deadly light Stalinorgel Carry the war into the enemies camp Stalinorgel Stalinorgel Vomiting free - infernal thunder Stalinorgel Pugnacity and natural defense Grim struggles hand to hand Curtain of fire at the front line Capitulation and retreat out of this land Arisen through their own fault By assumption of power The end is immediately near Red army struck back In triumphant advance Madman lost the war and disappeared

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