Agent Orange


Operation "Ranch Hand" Spray down the death Down on their farms Assault against the poulation Suppress by military arms Only you can prevent the forest Legalize the war They are deprived of their power Eradication without law Agent Orange A fire that doesn't burn All the marks erased long ago Scars are healed up Cancer creeps into their innocent souls Memorials of flesh and blood Have survived unlawfully punished Paisoned 'til the end of their lives Physical deformity What medecine will help Still births will rise Agent Orange A fire that doesn't burn Grieved weak hearts are crying Waiting for the end In this condition they are dying Newborns of the damned Preserved in test tubes for generations Vicious circle of transmission The is no way for reparation Forced to live with chemical agent called Agent Orange A fire that doesn't burn


See the gun high velocity Leveled to my heart Magazine filled with hollow points Bullets invented to slaughter They activate the trigger I get fired to the wall Pain is a purgent strips my life Hear the last bell toll Tired and red the ways I gonna die Tired and red squirm, to plead to dry Tired and red confirm by oath the death Tired and red to my last breath See the knife flash of sun The knife that makes me run Sharp and maid of stainless steel Not wholesome to feel Stab me to the ground, why? Falling down to see the sky My eyes are closed now day is night Never wake to see the light See the chair one thousand volts Invite to sit down With closed eyes and fettered limbs Contacts decorate an iron crown Overseer turns on the switch Small sparks squirt out of my head High amperage my body shook In the claws of death


Scour to find new ways of love Denounce moralizers Ethic without prohibition or laws Give no creedence to church Satisfaction in the sign of crime The meaning of my life There is no sign all down the line No repentence pay the price Number one in the list of misdeeds Persuade my sister She shook and gasped in licentious greed Turned by mutual whisper Wrapped up in bewitched body shower Forbidden fruits taste better Primative caress to burn out the power Nymphomania dressed in leather You take your virtues in a tow And commit a sin By defects in your character You will always imagine The number of all your virtues Wipes out the stains and outrage Realize your incestuous dreams Incest grin and bear it Enjoy sweetest lust and I am feeling well Moral dilema without wrath Crave for you in the ecstasy of my mind Love you to the quick Don't know what has happened to me The condition of a bitch


Honor the fallen heros See their last resting place Perished in the battle of nations Where they found eternal peace Do you know the use of their decorations Awarded for patriotism They left their life in fire But don't know even why Remember the fallen Remember the fallen To the command of despotic dictators They marched to fight in a senseless war Most of them were just puppets and children The battle was lost before it began Brotherly in heart and hand Know that they will never come back With combined effort And the belief in god Their duty only as cannon fodder Kamikaze as living bombs Driven into the open knife Deceitful and malicious Their tormented souls will never rest To pay us back for their innocent death No quarter shed out proud blood Retaliation on the warpath


Camp duc lac calm before the storm They fight with drowsiness Rubbed their eyes must stay awake Stared into the darkness Disastrous noise from far behind Imminent attack splits their minds Forces proceed to counter thrust Without doubt they will rush Moon cast a shadow menace comes near Form of an airplane Take up the waepons to defend the boundary line Do not want to loose the reign Night into day when the bombs detonate to burn the sky Our hostile positions are made out there is no place to hide The AC-47 send their flames from all their barrels 6000 shots per minute to make a hill all level Magic Dragon let sheets of fire hail down to the base Magic Dragon a crucial test the enemy will never raise Magic Dragon spit tracer bullets expose our hiding place Magic Dragon iron monsters destroy with rage Pilots circle their machines as eagles in the sky Navigator technical warfare they know the reason why Cause their orders are clear : crush 'em to win the war First squadron obey the command take off higher No vietcong can move in sustained fire Orders are clear : win the war


Arena filled with screaming crowd In ecstast they cry Paid money for a pleasant show Want to see him die The matador in shining dress Intent to prove his courage Drove by rejoicing mass It boils his pulsing blood Exhibition bout under the star of law Men taking pleasure in hanging gore Cruelty to animals crime that won't get punished Creatures treated as rubbish With direct stabs into the living flesh. To agonize the bull No way out the fronts are clear Take offensive jab it through On and on ride for the fall In danger of his life Wounded find no place to hide Death will soon arrive Blood soaks and stains the parched ground The slaughter to inaugurate Duel between man and beast Their eyes are filled with hate He restrained fierce at the eleventh hour 'til death blows save his soul No right to exist lamentation is low His fleash served up as grub Now find peace in a better world where men and beast are one Arena was filled with screaming crowd He is dead and they are gone


We've drudged many decades to live free from care The war began it was enough to drive us to despair A time when bread was more worth than pure gold We missed the warmness saved us from the wintery cold No trade with death No trade with arms Dispense the war Learn from the past Ausgebombt Slogans to hold out 'til end dreams ramble to the sky Evacuated far away left everything behind Fifty hundredweight bombs dashed us to the ground When military air raids stormed the land abound No trade with death No tradew with arms Dispense the war Learn from the past Ausgebombt Political tyranny exercised by morbid despots Bombardment fire wasn't win but loss Corpses buried under ruins and debris No more war the solution all the nations need No trade with death No trade with arms Dispense the war Learn from the past Ausgebombt


Product of my breeding Inauspicious shapes Formed by depravity Abnegation of my past Resigning, ireful Watching the depolulation Danger, impotence Envelop the world in fear Unnatural decay Disclose the human need Ptomaine, cremation Baptism of fire we'll not survive Abject and spirited Getting excessive with results Dislike a normal life Excruciating waste away Symptoms of pathogenia Deproportionate your body Incurable disfigurement Bones decompose alive Return to biogenetics Turn over a new leaf To form a vicious circle 'til end of time


Get down, six feet under I wish she would, your fat blanket mother She growls and roars like thunder A mouth so big, the eighth world wonder She wants me to throw her daughter away and pick her up instead Don't walk away (Don't walk away) Don't walk away (Don't walk away) Yes, another cunning plot to get me under her covers Dior stockings and nothing on top She ain't like any normal mother I wish I was a million miles away So I can't hear her say Don't walk away (Don't walk away) Don't walk away (Don't walk away) Don't don't walk away Don't don't walk away Don't don't walk away When will this dreadful nightmare end I really don't want another That fat blanket woman drives me round the bend How can you get lower when hell is in the gutter I wish I was a million miles away So I can't hear her say Don't walk away.

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