1000 Days in Sodom


Unholy city a sinners delight No-one was spared out of mind, out of sight Hatred and slaughter, degredation and lust Self destruction never counting the cost, No-one knew the suffering Behind the city walls No-one heard the cry for help No-one heard the call . . One thousand days in sodom One thousand days in sodom The ways of god forgotten One thousand days in sodom Children slaughtered daily there mothers by their sides No mercy given no matter how they cried The smell of death was near It's presence ever near The priests lay bound in chains no-one would ever hear, No-one knew the blasphemy The torture and the pain No-one saw the madness The priests, they died in vain . . Day completes its cycle and night takes on its role Satan's cloak shrouds the land and his children spill their fold No golden cross of heaven Or ancient key of kings Could save the world of sinners when the midnight sabbath rings Few could hear the suffering And the pain of ripping flesh But those who did were damned in hell And breathed their final breath . . One thousand days One thousand years you've lived your life in hell.

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